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city. since her childhood supervisor has become a strong advocate for justice and pro live ravings nuclear energy and over the past 30 years she stood against injustice? san francisco by improving conditions in hotel and is affordable hogs for low increase people and from 2010 to 12, she set the bar for progressive land use policy in san francisco and this year christina has represented district five and served those neighborhood in our city with passion, commit and an open mind, prioritizing ever each resident department in her districts in order to make district five safe, clean and a abuse place to live and work i'm not going to read the rest of of it but christina thank you i
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have known you for yeast and i know that we will continue to work together for many years to come and i want to thank you for your open mind and i want to thank you for doing what you thought is right and i want to thank you also for speaking your mind and just again for all that you have done for this board and for your district and for our city and with that, thoi we have a lot of colleagues that want to think let start with supervisor campos. >> thank you very much mr. president and i'll try to be brief i know all of us have something to say here. i i want i want to say to my colleague and friend christina owe walk key that it has truly been an honor for me to sit here with you and to work not only with you but with your amazing staff in the last few most. you know the thing about being appointed
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to the board of supervisors and i have never gone through that process and how crazy and demanding that must be and for those of us who get to this point and normally you go through a campaign process before you get to serve on a board and that has it's own challenges but i think being pointed and having it's own set of challenges that very few people have experienced. and i want to say that the one thing that stood out for me was just the very honest way in which you handled yourself and the integrity with which you approach the job and one of the things that i certainly appreciated was the fact that you brought your own perspective as a woman, as a person of color but also as someone who grew up
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in a very poor background and it was very clear to me, that as you were thinking and analyzing the many issues that came our way, that your person experience and perspective was reflected in what you did and i really appreciated that and i also appreciated the way in which you handle a very tough set of vote and situations and whether you agreed or disagreed with you i always respected where you werecosm coming from and the thing about these jobs is that we are not in them for very long. and i think that whatever -- i think that we should be grateful for the service that you provided and for me there were a couple of key votes where i thought that your involvement
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was critical community choice aggregation i think was one of them which i think will go down as one of the most important votes we handle here and low increase use and i hope it's not a good-bye, i hope it's simply a few phase in the chapter of your life and i look forward to working christina olague in whatever do you because i think you have so much talent and luck for the city and county of san francisco and but it's been an honor to work with you and continue to work with you and thank you for the sacrifices may have had for the city. >> thank you i want to say i have had so much fun work wog we first met on the planning commission and then talked about
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an issue in district and then got to see you up in jackson and fill admonishing more and we will do that whenever you want but really, working on the board of supervisors together i think you have done such an amazing job for district five and i think it's been a lot of fun working together and we may want agree on every issue on the majority of issues but it doesn't matter at the end. [end] of the day i want you to know how much i really thrum enjoyed working together and i know it's been a long and rough year for you and i hope you get to relax but really it's been a pleasure and a joy and as supervisor campos mentioned i hope this is just the beginning and look forward to seeing you around the neighborhood. >> supervisor mar? thank you i know we met when you were an activist for mission agenda year ago and what i have always appreciate appreciated about you as a
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supervisor is you bring a glass roots sensibility approach to us that sometimes the mainstream immediatee doesn't get but i got it that you stand with the most vulnerable people in our neighborhoods whether they are seniors or veterans in hotels or small property owners and i i also want to say that on former retail ordinance and issues that you have i have worked on you have been a key ally as a stronger voice and as on the board of supervisors, i'll refer you as the community voice that always had the community's needs in hind but thank you for working us and we will work together again on many more issues.
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>> supervisor avalos? hi christina thank you for working here on the board of supervisors i can't imagine the precious that you were understood in rather and from that i heard from so many people how difficult it is for them to do anything they wanted you to do and how strong you have been throughout this process and i felt i never felt that i was able in convincing you do anything and i i think what is remarkable is you did what you think was right all the time and you grappling with that and who has appointed you and who's on your side and who's not on your side it's a very very difficult thing to do and i appreciate your work in doing had a and thank you so much for standing
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up for revenue generating gross receipt tax that was huge for us in fraction and it has been a major impact for us moving forward as a city and i appreciate your effort on that and clean power as well but really, aura person who's driven by your values and upbringing and you have kept that with you and i really appreciate how you have been out spoken. (applause). . >> supervisor kim? christina not to reiterate what everyone has said but it certainly has been a journey to watch you this year in this new role having melt you first in 2,000 will
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20,002,003 we actually spoke at the same rally consists a chinatown c b.c. and i thought i was getting exposed totivist and is supervisors and communities and the worse happening around san francisco and around community oriented planning and one thinking that we know here at the board is land use and budgettings and many of us know how important that expertise is we think about social rights and social services and all of those thing are important and land use is at the heard heart of how we planning communities and how we determine how our resources are allocated and our budget is along those same lips oven you have been a model for many folks until the community and combining your land use knowledge and person experience as a latina bisexual woman here
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in san francisco and when i was a member at the school word board, i often looked at two thing two quality that people had and one of them was, of course, on their intelligence and their mind and the second was their heard and compassion and sometimes you meet people who don't have either and then you wonder why they are in city service and government and then you meet those with a lot of heart but all of the other things are -- not there and so i really view you as someone who has both and i supported you and advocated for you to be here and i feel like you actually exceeded my expectations i know how hard it is to come onto this board as a member and your understanding of policy from day one was astounding for someone who's -- on of the board and i know a lot of that comes from your experience have a planning commission and activist and so i want to thank you for serve
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things past year and i know that this relationship doesn't end. and it's been an honor to work with you and i'm excited about the next phase. supervisor weiner. good afternoon mr. president. christina it has been a really pleasure and and before that, that we worked together on various planning issues and one of the hard erst parts of politics is that there are a lot of people who may be have the attitude of if i disagree with you on this one thing that means that you know, that i have to think you are a bad person and i do not like you and i'm going to bad mouth and you we see that all across the political spectrum and one thing that i have always respected about you is that we have had some pretty significant disagreement and is but we have always been able to
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at the very same time agreed to work on other things and we partnered and got the restaurant planning code reform through and you were rail key part in working me to pooive that forward and articles ten and 11 and there were various thing that we were able to work on and i could go into your office and you were very straight forward and i know it's been a a tuff year four in a lot of ways and i can only -- the situation that you were in in year was a really tough one and it's not one that i have been in and you did it with your head held high and i really respect that. so thank you. >> supervisor cohen. thank you very much
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supervisor olague, it has been a great pleasure to have sat to your left and i'm sure that is no indication of our political affiliations but it's inventory venezuela dippity [spelling?] that it works out that way. you have become a very eloquent speaker and you were always very thoughtful and speaker and so you get a zero for that because you came to the table with that already but when it comes to be memorially prepared to go into the chamber and cast some very difficult votes and i have within witnessed this change in you a lot of constern nation and a lot of stress and anxiety and
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ten months later you are even more strong, more defined and you have been a very vivacious woman on the board of supervisor and is i want to thank you for that for being another example not just for young girls but also young boys of what leadership looks like and i just wanted to comment and echo on what superior kim mentioned that this is a new beginning for all of us working together and i'm sure you will continue with your service to san francisco and i just want to say thank you. and we all deal with our own insecurities and i think you have handled yours very grace fully. thank you. >> sprfer chew. >> thank you very much. sprr
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olague i want to thank you for serving with us and i can remember going through that process myself and i do not want to reiterate any of the points that my colleagues have talked about already and -- [inaudible]
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. >> thank you to supervisor avalos and i'm for the going anywhere i loss an election, i
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didn't die. so i'm still going to be out there and this weekend, i went to a bet thing and so who knows what my next ventures will be and i still have my oslo and scandinavian -- a farmling community in the central valuegee and so i think i is it have -- so if you are thinking what am i doing going to loss oh, in the middle of winter., you know i saw a film and never scoped my interest in scandinavian culture and is that doesn't take away at all to my comment and being proud of being latin and sevenning the latin community this past year and so i'm grateful to my supporter and is grateful to the residents of
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district five and i love the city and happy to have had the opportunity to serve on this board. a. (applause). . >> thank you supervisor olague. our final accommodation of the day will be to our second colleague local be leaving us today although he know he is not going far sean i have to say when i read the resolution that was draft of the to you today i was honestly blown away by how
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much you have done over the whereas and supervisor elsburnd has served for the past 12 years to supervisor tone aye hall and as well as belong to this board of supervisor and is for two terms as a member of this board and he has attended 502 of 505 board meetings held since 2,000 one missing three meeting for his honey moon and the birth of his son and among the many bits of legislation he has passed i has worked on the planning commission and adopting capital planning for our city for years to come and spear headed reform in our community and we know his leadership when it comes to our mention plan and the mere i can't do important and lesser known thing that he has done in
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district seven from golf course -- to working for the irish immigration center et cetera, and i think we can probably talk for many hours about the many thing that you have done but in addition, to your expertise which i'll miss in addition, to all of your cautionnaire not to all of us on what se we shouldn't past, i'll going to say i miss how you throw a microphone, i'm going to miss the energic debates we remember with chris fail 83 and last few years with david campos and most of all, i'm going to miss working a six -years-old man trapped in a 36 -years-old body. and i know there will be many other comments that will be made along those lines but sean in all seriousness we are all going to miss you and with that, i
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know that there are many other colleagues that have other thing to say although i'm wondering if we should sprferl farrell, no? who wants to go next? supervisor farrell owe supervisor wiener. you go first farrell. >> so, this is a hard one i always -- i quickly learned after coming on to the board that i was going to dread the day that sean elsburnd was no longer a colleague and you thought i was going to start with something isn't that correcty. i'm starting with something nice. and this is a very you know a very saturday i know for me and a lot of people and i think we all know being in a position and particularly when you are running from scratch, when you start trying to generate support and something
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that is hard at the beginning and people are not sure what is going on and it's hard for them to get people to say yes and i still -- sean was the very first person who endorsed me when i ran for a full two years before the election i still remember sitting down and ordering coughity and he said absolutely of course, and sean you have stuck with me through a very hard campaign and coming on the board even though you are younger than i am you have you have been a mentor to me on the board we don't always agree on thing but you have always been there everyday i needed help, advise and there have been times when we disagreed and i remember after the nudity hearing and committee when someone announced that we were a block and they agree on he have gone and that
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might be true for me and carmen i think we good agree on a lot of stuff but sean and i have disagreements they are always lopsided votes and there was the dogs in the golden gate area and we had a spirited debate about that and then there was the only time that i have been at the losing end of a ten to when vote was a routine procedural vote to split the file on prop d that time and sean was a little i couldn't remembery with me that day because it was a final significant to pull out a cell phone appeal from our strict and that appeal came up and low and behold it got scheduled on sean's birth day and he was grumpy with me and we tosselled
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over that and i loss ten to one and so whether we are on the same side or are having a disagreement, you are -- you have you are one of the wisest people i have known and you take such broad perspectives on and everything there are so many times when i have come into your office and i'm thinking a certain way and you are able too really step back and look at the big picture and you have made me a beneficiary interfere and i know you are not going anywhere and i'm sure i'm going to continue to bug you and pick your brain but we are going to miss you so thank you for your incredible service. >> thank you supervisor wiener. >> supervisor farrell? thank you and supervisor wiener i have been dragging this for a while here on sean's last board

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